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swim bro® ACADEMY

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swim brO®

The swim bro ® Academy came about because we, as swimming coaches, have experienced that training and further education courses often lack practical relevance.

30 years and countless experiences and personalities of all ages in the water in the indoor pool, lake and sea have flowed into the product and concept swim bro ® .

We offer these experiences, adventures and proven teaching methods in day courses.

The swim bro team is also available after the courses, if you have any questions or uncertainties, we are always there for YOU. An important service - indispensable at the beginning in practice and an important support.

Content: concept swim bro ® , guidelines or complete lesson plan with non-swimmers & beginners, exercises with the swim bro ® in children's courses and adult courses, swim bro assistance with water therapy, how do I offer a crash course with the accompaniment of the digital swimming course.


Participants: Swimming coaches, swimming athletes, physiotherapists and ergotherapists, midwives, teachers of all school levels with a sporting background


9.9.2022 Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Course location Innsbruck, indoor swimming pool Amraserstraße

22.10.2022 Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Innsbruck, indoor swimming pool Amraserstraße


290 euros (net) including training material, instructional videos, marketing package

+ Free parking all day

+ 7 euros entry to the indoor pool/practical exercises in the water

+ 10 euros for the lunch menu incl. drink/joint lunch


Prerequisite: helper and/or rescuer certificate. These can be done at the Youth Red Cross, the water rescue service and at sports universities.


Individual courses in Europe in the languages DE, EN and IT in an indoor pool of your choice on request!

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