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swim bro

swim bro brings lots of fun and motivation to learning to swim. This swimming aid is for non-swimmers and swimming beginners. swim bro can also be used to support water therapy. The swimming buoyancy can be reduced by removing the side parts in order to be able to do suitable swimming technique exercises with the successful learning progress.

Thanks to the closed-cell PE foam material, the swim bro is very hard-wearing, hygienically clean and repels bacteria.

According to legal requirements, swimming aids and therefore also the swim bro must be provided with a permanent adhesive label. This is a legal requirement for the manufacturer. This permanent warning serves as a safeguard for sellers and users and must not be removed! Please leave the label on the product to avoid damaging the foam


care instructions

swim bro is made of foam and basically suitable for use in chlorine and brine baths. However, it is advisable to rinse the swim bro thoroughly with clear water after each use in salt and chlorine water.  This improves durability and extends service life.


areas of application

Swimming lessons, water aerobics, water therapy


Product Information

Material : PE foam, with NMC Comfy environmental certificate

Dimensions: 120 cm, diameter 6.5 cm

Weight: 100g 

Design: unicorn & dolphin

Made in Europe



Not suitable for children under the age of three. Use in water under adult supervision. Please do not remove the transparent security band. There you will find all important safety information.

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